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Submission Guidelines

Best New Weird is currently closed to submissions.
Best New Weird : Best New Weird 2018 Closed

Best New Weird is a new annual weird fiction best of anthology series edited by Lynne Jamneck and one co-editor. Best New Weird 2018 opens for submissions in March 2019 and will be co-edited with Robert S. Wilson.

This year we're looking for the best weird fiction stories published in 2018. This open call is for publishers to submit final published stories, collections, and anthologies only. We would like to see all eligible stories. If you're not sure if we've received the publication your story was published in, please query your publisher. If you are unable to reach your publisher or they are no longer in business, email us at and we'll check if we have it. If we do not, we'll then let you know how to submit your story. Submissions in Mobi eBook format are preferred.

There are two categories we're reading for. 1. Short stories and novelettes up to 15,000 words which will be eligible for publication. 2. Novelettes and novellas over 15,000 words which will not be eligible for publication but will be eligible for possible selection for our list of best novellas of the year which will be included in the final publication.